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This version of Nectair AI is our first attempt to save you lots of time finding the best price for each card in your collection and to feel confident that you are asking the most accurate price. Our technology captures live data and sold data then stores and analyzes the price history of every card in Magic the Gathering to make sure every quote we provide to you is based on thousands of data points.
The company was founded by a Magic the Gathering veteran who is also an ex Googler/Amazonian geek interested in leveraging AI to make life easier for you. Please send feedback and let us know what else we can do for you.
We’re working on a rapid scanner to enable you to quickly get the best price on a huge batch of cards.
We need your input to make sure Nectair AI works for you! Please send us feedback or questions using the form below or at "Contact@Nectair.ai". We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for trying Nectair AI.